Personal Injury

When a person suffers from an injury because of another party’s negligence, or is involved in a car accident regardless of fault, Ontario statutes provide the victim with the right to compensation for certain losses. In many such cases, you have the option to claim additional financial recovery for your loss.

Affinity Law has the experience, skill, and resources needed to assist injured victims in getting them the compensation that they deserve.

Certain examples are given below:

1) Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car, truck, RVs, or motorcycle accidents are the most common injury claims since there are millions of motor vehicles that travel on our roadways each day. Every driver has a duty to exercise ordinary care while driving, which means obeying the traffic laws and keeping a lookout for road hazards. But even car accidents where liability appears evident can have issues that can prevent you from realizing the full value of your claim. Having a Toronto car accident lawyer from Affinity Law on your side gives you the best opportunity for a satisfactory resolution of your motor vehicle accident claim.

2) Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists and pedestrians have the same right to the roadways as motorists and in many instances have additional protections. Motorists who unlawfully turn into bike lanes, who fail to give a bicyclist enough space, or who neglect to stop or notice pedestrians legally crossing the roadways are liable for the often catastrophic injuries and damages caused by their negligence. Retain a Toronto personal injury lawyer from Affinity Law to represent your interests if you have a bicycle or pedestrian injury claim.

3) Slip and Fall Accidents

Also called premises liability claims, these are accidents that occur on someone else’s property, whether it is private or public. These cases can involve complicated issues regarding notice of the hazard that caused the accident, and whether you were lawfully on the premises of either a retail business, a private home, or public property. You will need an Affinity Law premises liability lawyer to handle these complex cases to get you satisfactory compensation.

4) Brain injuries

Any blow to the head or violent shaking can lead to concussive injuries or traumatic brain injuries where neurological issues may develop and lead to life-altering changes such as loss of earning capacity, diminished cognitive skills, changes in personality, and months or years of rehabilitation. An experienced Affinity Law personal injury lawyer from Toronto can conduct a comprehensive investigation of your case and present your claim in a manner designed to ensure that you have the best chance to receive the most compensation available.

5) Children’s Injuries

Serious injuries to children are not only tragic but can mean substantial medical expenses for many months or even over a life-time. Injured children may not only be entitled to damages for their pain and suffering and diminished quality of life but also to the loss of income that they could have earned if not for the injury. Let a skilled Toronto personal injury lawyer from Affinity Law handle your child’s case.

6) Disability Claims

Have you suffered an injury where you are no longer able to work or will be off work for a substantial period? Having your claim competently handled so that you receive all of the disability benefits to which you are entitled is essential for not only your own well-being but for your family as well. Let Affinity Law handle your disability claim to ensure you receive quality representation.

7) Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence cases are among the most difficult to prove and are defended vigorously by the medical professionals or facilities who caused your injuries and suffering that could have been prevented. Retain a dedicated, zealous and skilled Toronto personal injury lawyer from Affinity Law to represent you if you suspect medical malpractice.

8) Spinal Cord Injuries

A life-time of chronic back pain, or partial or complete paralysis with its various complications characterize many spinal cord injuries. These are often life-changing injuries that can require ongoing medical and even home care. To get the compensation you need, retain a Toronto personal injury lawyer from our firm to handle your claim from its onset to resolution.

Don’t let an injury cause you additional stress because an insurer or defendant has denied your claim or made a low-ball offer. Our lawyers have recovered millions in compensation for accident victims, even in the most difficult cases. We also understand that legal fees can be costly, which is why we only take payment upon settlement or verdict.

9) Dog Bites

A dog bite is usually a nip or a small tear to your hand or leg, but in some cases the dog can leave permanent and disfiguring scars, cause disabling injuries to limbs and muscles or serious infections from a wound, or maul a victim to death. Most dog bite victims, or around 85%, are children under the age of 12. This is likely because children are naturally attracted to animals and are too young and inexperienced to recognize signs of aggression or to be wary of an unattended animal, and not strong enough to fend off an attack.

Most dog attack fatalities in Canada occur in rural areas by packs of dogs. Huskies, Rottweilers, and mixed breeds are usually responsible. Canada has banned or outlawed the sale and possession of pit bulls that are 9-years of age or younger. However, dog bites from any breed still occur in urban and suburban areas because of the negligence of pet owners who fail to adhere to leash laws or to take reasonable precautions to protect persons who are lawfully on their property from being bitten.

10) Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury is one that substantially affects the victim’s physical and/or mental condition to such an extent that it is life-altering. It includes serious bodily injury that significantly impairs a vital bodily function or causes severe disfigurement. It also involves an injury critical enough to prevent the injured party from being able to engage in further employment.

Because of the substantial damages involved in catastrophic injury cases, an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer from Toronto is essential if you are to receive the most compensation available. Do not hesitate to call a skilled Affinity Law personal injury lawyer from Toronto to handle your case.


A work-related injury is an event or any combination of events that occurs while on the job site or while engaged in an activity related to your work, and results in a physical or functional abnormality from a workplace event or occupational disease.

If your employment is covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), then you will be unable to sue your employer directly if your injury was caused by your employer’s negligence or by another employee. The WSIA is a no-fault insurance system whereby you can still collect benefits even if you unintentionally caused your own injury, or your employer was not negligent.


Soft tissue injuries are probably the most prevalent type that occur in the majority of accidents and personal injury claims. Soft tissue refers to tissue such as ligaments, which are strong bands of inelastic connective tissue connecting bone to bone; and tendons, which are slightly elastic connective tissue connecting muscle to bone.

These injuries may accompany more serious injuries such as broken limbs, lacerations, or head trauma but may stand alone. Although most soft tissue injuries suffered in a fall, collision, assault, or other trauma are slight, non-permanent and heal or resolve with days or a few weeks, many are serious enough to warrant long periods of medical care and to result in a permanent disability.

13) Psychological and PTSD Claims

Many people experience some level of depression, stress or anxiety at various times in their lives.But if your stress, anxiety or depression was caused by an accident or injury, can you recover compensation for your psychological condition if it impairs your ability to perform your job or to engage in normal, routine activities? Is it necessary that a physical injury be the cause or trigger for a legal claim of psychological injury or post-traumatic stress disorder? These are all questions, issues, and considerations that an experienced psychological damages lawyer from Affinity Law can address for you.


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Accident benefits, also referred to as Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS), are for motor vehicle accident victims and are a no-fault insurance benefit that is a compulsory part of every automobile insurance policy in Ontario. Benefits are paid to eligible individuals regardless of who was at fault in a car accident. These payments compensate victims for lost earnings, medical expenses, and other economic losses incurred as a result of the accident. The amount of SABS funds and the categories under which an individual can claim benefits largely depends on the nature and extent of the injury, if the insured was employed, and other factors. To receive full accident benefits for your accident, you will need the assistance of an experienced accident benefits lawyer from Affinity Law.

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