'No win, no fee' Lawyers

Affinity Law provides cost-effective access to justice for all Canadians. We provide you with the most suitable legal advice and highest representation, while keeping our fees as low as possible. We value your time and work with you to fully understand your specific concerns and will always recommend the most viable and cost effective course of action for you and your specific circumstances.

Before we start any work on your behalf, we advise you on estimated costs of our legal services and fee arrangements, as well as explaining how our fees are calculated.

We offer ‘no win, no fee’ legal services when suitable and when your case is reasonably likely to be successful. ‘No win, no fee’ only applies to our professional fees (the fees we charge for work performed by us). In most cases, disbursements (the out of pocket expenses that we pay to other people) must be paid.

Pay in advance

This is an arrangement where all legal costs are paid in advance and are payable regardless of outcome. The amount to be paid is determined by a written contract between us and you.

For further information on Affinity Law’s fee arrangements, contact us on (647) 846-2037 or use the contact form.

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