Business Partner Disputes

A dispute between or among partners can seriously derail a business in its daily operations as well as affecting its growth and sustainability. Before your dispute escalates or if it already has, contact a Toronto business lawyer at Affinity Law to advise you.

Examples of disputes that our attorneys regularly handle include:

  • Fraud or theft—your partner embezzled money from the business, which can also result in criminal charges
  • Violation of a contractual agreement—this could include an employment provision, a contract with a client, a non-compete agreement, or any part of the partnership contract
  • Misuse or violation of the partnership’s intellectual property—a partner has used the business trademark or patent for self-aggrandizement and without consent of the partners
  • Breach of fiduciary duty—partners have financial obligations to act in the best interests of the company and not to further their own private interests at the expense of the partnership
  • Whether a partnership was created—one may have been created through words or actions including contributions of money, property, knowledge, effort, and skills to a joint venture or undertaking, or if profits are shared, and joint bank accounts created that can create legal liability